Monday, August 16, 2010

Ancient Egyptian Quarries

Cairo, May 2009

Ancient Egyptian Quarries,

How Many and Where?

By: Dr.M.El-Gazzar


Although the ancient Egyptian quarries with no doubt should be considered antiquity sites, with very little exceptions, they are not protected by the government, consequently whole or partial destruction of most of the quarries, especially in the Nile valley has occurred through modern quarries and building activities.

Much has been written and documented about the pyramids, temples, sculptures and other monuments, but their rock sources, location and its petro logical characteristics have received very little attention from investigators or the government.

When I read the article of Harril/Brown/Massoud, which was published on the occasion of the centennial of the Egyptian geological survey (1896-1996) I found that it is a must to alert the government about the negligence of these ancient quarries, at least to develop its sites so it can be used as touristic sites.

Having in mind that the legacy of ancient Egypt is largely embodied in the stone ruins, monuments and sculptures, James A.Harril and Max Brown with the assistance of Massoud Saleh Massoud conducted field survey where they located total of 157 ancient quarries, the survey started early 1989 and ended in 1995, during this period they conducted a comprehensive topographical and petro logical survey of the quarries, exploited in Egypt around 2900 BC at the beginning of early dynastic period where these quarries provided the different rocks that were used for building pyramids, temples and other monuments.

Location and any other information concerning these quarries will be submitted upon request.

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