Thursday, June 18, 2020

Geology for future leaders of the world
Is it natural or artificial 
NaCl and SiO2 available at request
Rocks Culture vs Human Culture
منع أعمال الهدم و البناء في محيط المتحف المصري الكبير
Egyptian Miscellaneous Society “EMS”
Guess, is it earthy or heavenly?
Guess, is it natural or human-art?
Rocks Culture, Coming Soon...

Geology for future leaders and decision makers...
          Egypt Mother of Geology
          Abu Rawash Fault Hammering
          The other side of Nile Delta’s Gas
          150 years of petroleum age
          Hundred Sixty Years of Petroleum Age
          Museum Photos 1
          Good people know the value of Rocks
Geology for future leaders and decision makers
Geologist I am
The other side of Geology
Geological survey of Egypt
المساحة الجيولوجية
Enviromental science academy in Egypt
Toshka project
Qena bend
Abu Rawash is begging
Mokattam is creeping
Ancient Egyptian Quarries
New Egyptian museum
Our great Nile river
Human bridge to Sinai
Sinai safe guard for egypt (Under Construction)
Talk of the rocks...
Why talk of the rocks
Introduction/Reuters Video
Bizzare Rocks I
Bizzare Rocks II
Bizzare Rocks III
Petrifird wood in Egypt
Rocks Gallery I
Rocks Gallery II
Rocks Gallery III
دراسة أمريكية.. مصر ستصبح خارج سيطرة القوى العالمية 2020.. خبراء: مصر تمتلك ثروات ضخمة لم تستغل بعد
جيولوجي مصري يحول منزله إلى متحف للحفريات
جيولوجي مصري يحول منزله الى متحف صخور