Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Good people know the value of Rocks

Good people know the value of Rocks

Rocks & Minerals museum at Pyramids Gardens, Giza, Egypt

Pyramids Gardens, Cairo / Alexandria Desert Rd, Giza
Villa El-Gazzar, Pyramids Gardens Street 18

Lat. 29◦ 59 343 N Elevation ≈ 16mt (ASL)
Long 31◦ 07 234 E
AREA Size 5.00 SQMT
Tel: 0122-314-4028

Over seventy years ago, The eastern fertile crescent of land surrounding the pyramids was named Pyramids Gardens, in difference to the 7000 years. History of most important cultural site in the world.
Five years Ago I was tempted to pursue the idea of establishing a Geological museum along with the new Egyptian Antiquities museum, presenting all Rocks and Minerals of Egypt at this site.
Although the proposal was addressed to all Authorities concerned unfortunately I did not receive any kind of response or reaction.
For this I decided to proceed with the project on my own expense at my residence.
Despite the fact that the effort created great deal of Burden on me, I have to admit that I received a remarkable help from the interested & experienced Geologists in collecting these Rocks & Minerals from different sites and locations of the country. Generally the museum host Rocks & Minerals collected from Egypt, in addition to others, personally collected during my work in different other countries of the world.

The museum includes the following sections:
1- Stone Rocks (All Types)
Sedimentary / Igneous & Metamorphic Rocks (All Shapes & Size)
2- Mineral Rocks
3- Gemstone Rocks
4- Meteorite Stone Collection
5- Fossil & Petrified Wood Rocks and Desert Flowers
6- Library (Geology and related science)
7- Maps Room

The following photos are part of our museum, however for details you may reach us at
(Tel: 002-33761568 / Mobile: 002-0122-3144028)

Looking forward for YR Comments or visit ???
Dr. Mohamed El-Gazzar
Natural Resources
December, 2012

Stone Rocks collectors and Fans are invited to join us or comment.

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