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Egypt Mother of Geology

Egypt Mother of Geology
Cairo Oct. 30th, 2016

When we talk about geology we have to mention Egypt as it was the first country in the world of geology and its applications.
To start we have to copy John Farndon words about the subject in his book rocks and minerals.

Quote "Ancient Egyptian master of stones"
No ancient culture used stone with such skill as the ancient Egyptians.
The land is blessed with many superb stones for construction and carving, including monzonite, Blakand Red Granite , Quartizite, limestone, sandstone, and Greywacke (siltstone) Red Granite quarried at Syeneh Aswan, was cut in single giant blocks for obelisks. Quantizite quarried at Gebelein was used for the famous Colossi of Memnon. Limestone from Tura, Beni Hassan and Maasa was used for the first pyramid Djoser's. The Egyptians had a knowledge of Geology and Geological strata well beyond any culture of the time and Unmatched until recently. They were also amazing skilled at cutting and shaping the stones.
No one knows quite how they did, since strangely stone workings does not appear in hieroglyphics. Something they cut stones with copper saws, Or bronze wire held in a bow, others think they used emerystone. 
End Quote "John Farndon, Scotland 2008"

Before going into the subject I have a question?
As we are Egyptians living on this land we realize this fact and consider it or not?
The answer is:
I'm sure that it does cross our mind at all and the present situation reflects clearly this crisis

Frankly speaking I cannot blame the ordinary people since the authorities neglect this fact altogether, As it was pointed out in the attached article of May 14th 2007 written by me addressed to them, but unfortunately without any action or response.

Finally, I always hope that all concerned authorities will respond and act accordingly for the sake and future of Egypt "Mother of Geology".


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