Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Egyptian Miscellaneous Society “EMS”

CAI/OCT. 2014
Egyptian Miscellaneous Society “EMS”

By definition, A group of unheard neglected experts mainly Egyptians, to form a society that can participate in developing the Egyptian economy without interfering with the existing governmental societies or authorities. The idea was adapted by Dr. Mohamed El-Gazzar (Natural Resources Expert), after The American Miscellaneous Society “AMSOC” was formed by a group of neglected scientists and experts 1952 in USA, when office of Naval Research Geophysicists Gordon Lill and Carl Axis found themselves handling research proposals that fit into no existing scientific categories.

Our main objectives are:

1-  Review research and evaluate on a proper technical and economical levels.
2- Study the weak points in order to upgrade the value of the project or the research.
3- Introduce the work and oriented to the right channels and authorities. Should you feel that your project or research is misplaced or disoriented you are welcome to join oour Egyptian Miscellaneous Society “EMS”.

Please Contact us, Email:   Tel: 00201111919670

By the way this society is inviting anybody working in the field of natural resources and its related activities and business.