Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Geologist I am

Cairo August 2010

Geologist I am

By Dr. Mohamed El Gazzar

Geology is a profession dealing mainly with Earth and the nature. Due to such fact, it is a direct contact with life including Mankind.

The term "Professional Geologist" means a "Field Geologist" working on natural resources for exploitation and development. For this reason, Professional Geologist has a great chance to deal with all kind of life.

If you ask the professional Geologist to write about his career or background, he will have two sides of the story. The first side will be concerned with his career and experience and career in the field of Geology. The second will concentrate on the relation of Geology and life in each particular area from his point of view.

Generally speaking and since the professional Geologist normally deals with earth and what is beneath it and its nature, he can easily appreciate what is going on around him without panic!

However, he always watch the behavior of others regardless their profession or background, this doesn't mean that he has no fear, on the contrary his fear is by far ahead of the others, as he can predict the consequences! of any mother-nature sudden acts.

I am not pretending that I can express myself as a professional writer, simply because the technical part of me dominating my way of thinking and recording of incidence.

Thus in the following chapter I will try to review my career life supported by achievements or work done in different countries in the world including my personnel impression of the affect of the Geology on life and behavior of the people of these countries.

Career History

Through my career as a Geologist and Explorationist looking for natural resources, I enjoyed working and or visiting several countries of the world, such countries are…

I- Africa

Egypt (Land Of Birth), Libya, Tunisia, Sudan, Morocco, Ghana, Liberia, Togo, Benin (Dahomey), Sieralion, Djibouti, Somalia, Gabon, Zaire, Burundi, Tanzania and South Africa.

II- Middle East

KSA, UAE, Jordan, Yaman, Oman, Bahrain (Visiting), Qatar (Visiting) and Lebanon.

III- Europe

Spain (Visiting), Greece (visiting), Italy (visiting), UK, France, Germany, Austria (visiting), Belgium, Sweden, Tsekkoslovakia, Yugoslavia (visiting), Switzerland (visiting), Cane and Nice (visiting), Holland, Scotland, Ireland (visiting), Cyprus (visiting).

IV- America

North America

USA, New York (resident), Texas (resident), most of other states (visiting).

Canada (visiting), Mexico (visiting).

South and Central America

Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic.

V- Australia

Sydney, Melbourne.

VI- Far East

Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Vietnam, Hong Kong (visiting), Singapore (visiting), Japan (visiting), Taiwan (visiting), India (visiting).

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