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Why Talk Of The Rocks

Sep 2010
Why Talk Of The Rocks
Dr. Mohamed El Gazzar

Since Rocks compose the entire crust of the earth, where our life is highly dependent on its existence and it contains and preserves all natural resources that keep our life going.
We believe that rocks represent a major part of the echosystem of our life.
Rocks generate and preserve Petroleum/Gas, contain most of our minerals, ground water and also feed and host plants and animals and shelter mankind.
So this is the role of the rocks in our life, that is why we should recognize this fact and consider it.
For most ordinary people in Egypt with the exception of field Geologists, Rocks are only good as building stones, Gem stones and minerals, ignoring its role in life.
The Japanese people recognized the beauty of the rocks and use it to design their contemplation gardens "Botanical Gardens", where other nations used it to form Rockery Gardens, etc...
Also Mexicans and Americans used natural rocks for In/Out House Decoration.
Although Rocks cannot talk for itself, its role in life, shape and beauty, etc.. can express its function in life without talk...
So, next time if you see or find a stone or a rock, think about it from this point of view. And Hopefully you will learn and admire and love rocks as a part of your life.
We are presenting here in our site some photos that shows the beauty and shape of natural rocks without any human change or modifications
"It is in all should be considered an art of nature"

We didn't overlook the relation between the Ancient Egyptians and Rocks as it was a part of their life.
They used it to construct their monuments, Pyramids, temples etc...
Also to record all the achievments through their time of life and this is clear by the existing Pyramids, Temples, Wall drawings, Wrinting etc....
So Please refer to our article under the name of "Ancient Egyptian Quarries"

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