Thursday, March 27, 2014


The author of the site is recently preparing a publication
under the title "Geological Spirit in Egypt & Africa".
It will include the following subjects:

Rocks & Minerals Museum
Why Talk of the Rocks
Geology for further leaders & Decision Makers
The other side of Geology
Geologist I am
Geological survey of EGYPT
The new egyptian museum
Geomorphology as a touristic Agent in EGYPT
Our Great Nile River
Human Bridge to SINAI
Petrified wood in EGYPT
MOKATTAM is Creeping
Ancient Egyptian Quarries
Environmental Science Academy in EGYPT
The bright side of FAYOUM’s mount Qatrani
150 Years of petroleum AGE
The other side of Nile Delta’s GAS
Toshka Project
Pyramids Ring Road Danger
Ring Road to destroy one of world’s seven Wonders
Abu Rawash is begging for Attention & Care
Agriculture Sector to suffer in looming water crisis
Waste Disposal Basins needed for new cities
The Green Horse at the western Desert
Stone Rocks of EGYPT
Site Investigation, Pyramids Country, Giza Governorate
The Bright side of EGYPT
The other Side of GIZA Pyramids
GIZA Pyramids in Pain
Plate Tectonics (General)
MAN MADE Earthquake
Potential of Subsurface Basins for Disposal of waste
Man Waste & Pollution
Monday Crisis
Water Abuse at CAI/ALEX Road
Japan Natural Quake
SINAI Safeguard for EGYPT
Geo-Art Gallery in EGYPT
Mother Africa

Should you are interested to participate or reserving a copy, please respond
to our site.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you for your quick response, if you are interested we would like to communicate with you

  2. Dr samira ibrahim ربنا معاك يا دكتور مينفعش تعيش في البلد دي كلها تخلف وجهل وشعب كل الهمة مجموعة من عسكر وسيسي وكﻻم فارغ

    1. I appreciate very much your response, will be honored to communicate with you