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Rocks Culture V.S. Human Culture

 Cairo: June 18th, 2019
Rocks Culture V.S. Human Culture
Without the knowledge of rocks culture, there is no human culture, i.e. unless man study, evaluate and appreciate the rocks culture, he will not have or create any type of culture.
To start, I have to give Gamal Hemdan all the credit, as he was my motive in writing this article, after I red his article "Egypt, the Land and the People", on 1964, in the petroleum exploration society of Libya. Where he pointed out the land ingenuity.
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What sort of country is land of Egypt, old or new? Eastern or western? Arab or African? Mediterranean or Nilotic? Is it, as might be cursorily in-freed and has actually been voiced, the land of paradoxes?? Only superficial look can lead to such a conclusion. The true and abiding personality of Egypt is a many sided world, a multidimensional unit and as such a master of compromise and the via media.
The genius of Egypt is that it belongs nearly everywhere but never entirely there. It is geographically in Africa, but belong to Asia by history. Pharaunic by grandfather, she is decisively Arab by father, a land power by virtue of its valley base, she is necessarily amphibious by her two sea location. A river state of the most ancient and typical kind, she is equally a "route state" connected successively with land and water transit. She thus, draws her life-blood from two arteries: Fresh water and salt water, and both have been made effective by a supreme "Geographical surgery" the dams and the canal respectively. Although she gives a land to tropical Africa, she looks forward to the Mediterranean. Again, she is in the desert but not for it, she is an exotic, intrusive, anti-desert oasis. Or should we rather say semi-oasis since does not derive her water from underground sources. 
Before hand, we have to mention that Geography by definition, is the science of the earth's surface, which describes and analyzes the spatial variations in physical, biological and human phenomena that occur on the surface of the globe and treats their interrelationships and their significant regional patterns. 
However geology by definition is the science and study of the physical matter and energy that constitute the earth, the field of geology compasses the study of the composition, structure, properties and history of the planet's physical material, the processes by which it is formed, moved and changed, the history of life on earth and human interaction with earth. 
So, on the geographical side of the land of Egypt, I believe that Dr. Gamal Hemdan handled on a highly proper technical and professional manner, in the main time, and after more than 55 years some professional geologists could write on the geological side of Egypt. As a matter of fact, I wrote an article titled "Egypt, Mother of Geology".
Finally we have to admit that without knowing our land value and culture, we can not gain any culture.
To be continued ………………….
By Dr. M. El-Gazzar
Natural resources expert
-       "Egypt, Mother of Geology", article.
-       Geological Map of Egypt.
-       Rocks Culture. 

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