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Geological survey of Egypt

Cairo, February 2011



For a Professional Geologist, spent most of 45 years of his life in the field of Geology working in more than 40 countries worldwide, I realized the necessities and the importance of the geological factor for any decision could taken by country leader or decision makers beforehand.

For this good reason, nowadays every country in the world has its own Geological Survey Agency acting as the back bone and the treasurer of the country.

The Agency function is working as the Data Bank for all information concerning the natural resources of the country (Petroleum, Minerals, Ground water…etc.) not limited to minerals only.

Despite the fact that Egypt established the first Agency in Africa and Middle East and was the fourth worldwide (February 8th 1896), the Agency lost its identity, function and role in comparison to others.

On May 2007, I wrote an article explaining how bad its situation was but without any response.

However, and after January 25th 2011 changes

I argue everybody concerned to vote and insist to the following changes

The Agency name should be “Geological Survey of Egypt (GSE)”
The Agency should report directly to the top rank of the country
The Agency should have its Headquarter in Cairo, having divisions at each governorate, reporting to the Headquarter in Cairo
The main function and responsibilities are mainly the surface and sub-surface natural resources of the country

(Minerals, Stone rocks, Petroleum and Gas and Ground water ….etc.)

The Agency should be responsible for issuing a site investigation statement for any area before releasing any permits or approval by the concerned authorities to the end users

Your support is highly appreciated and actually badly needed for building new Egypt.

Dr. M. El Gazzar

Geologist / Natural Resources Expert

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  1. يا دكتور محمد كلنا معاك ومصر كلها معاك لأن ربنا معانا والبلد رجعت لأصحابها .. ونوعدك بإننا مش حأنفرط تانى فى ثروات بلادنا ولا علماء بلادنا .. تحية خاصة من المنظمة القومية لحقوق الانسان للعالم والفنان العظيم عاشق أرض مصر المحروسة الدكتور الجيلوجى محمد الجزار .. خالص تحياتى وتقديرى .. فهمى نديم

  2. What about the Egyptian Geological Survey and Mining Authority - Salah Salem street - Abbassiya - Cairo? Doesn't it exist anymore?

  3. No it doesn't exist anymore.
    Egsma "Egyptian geological survey and mining authority" doesn't exist anymore, the new name is the "Egyptian mineral resources authorities"...
    If you are interested call me, 0111919670...

  4. An email we received concerning GSE:

    Dear Dr. El Gazzar,
    Thank you for reacting on this question I left at your blog Talk of the Rocks: "What happened to the Egyptian Geological Survey?". Maybe you were wondering where this "anonymous" question came from...
    I'm an administrative assistant working at the Belgian Geological Survey. As you certainly know, geological surveys worldwide exchange their publications for their libraries. Some publications we sent to the EGSMA about 2 years ago, returned with the message "undeliverable". The address we used since many years was not Salah Salem Rd, but some kind of Post Box (I don't have it here, as I'm not in my office while writing this message). Trying to find out which new address I should use for the new publications in the future, I did some Googling, made many phonecalls to several telephonenumbers I found in different websites, sent several e-mails to e-mail accounts I found in the internet, and even to the embassy in Brussels. All with the same result: nothing. Most e-mail accounts were down (the automatically generated reply "your message could not be delivered") or didn't send any reply at all, the telephone was not answered, except for 2 numbers: one in arabic only, which, unfortunately, is not yet among the languages I can speak fluently; the second number was a telephone number that was mentioned on the envelop containing the publications that were sent back to us. A very kind lady explained that the Geological Survey had indeed been using the offices in which she and her colleagues were now (about 1 year ago) and that she had no idea where the geologists moved to.
    So far so good - the publications for Egypt were kept in a corner, waiting for next time. About 2 weeks ago, the same job needed to be done, so I googled again, hoping that the Egyptian Geological Survey would have reappeared to the surface from its going underground, and I found your blog.
    Meanwhile there is also this new situation since the Arab Awakening, ministries and institutions changing fast and frequently, so the new solution proposed by our chief librarian is simply to wait untill the Egyptian Geological Survey sends us their new publications or maps, probably mentioning their new address.
    Kind regards,
    Karine Wuyts

  5. Our Reply to the email:
    Thank you for your email.
    We are sorry you couldn't reach GSE and we are ready to receive your document or publication and we will convey it to them.
    So please send it to our post office box number 11, El Ourman, Giza, Egypt.
    Meanwhile, we like to mention that our company Tricon is working in the field of
    natural resources and environmental issues.

    By the way we were working together during the year 2005 with
    IRE (Institute Nationale des elements Radio. de Belgic).
    If you are interested to communicate with us, our company name is
    Tricon International.

    Tel and Fax: 020233761568
    Mobile: 0020123144028
    Company responsible: Dr. Mohamed El Gazzar