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Toshka Project

Sep 2010
Toshka Project
Dr. Mohamed El Gazzar

The purpose of this article is to point out the value of "Geological Investigation" of any any area before establishing a project.
Our sources of Information are:
1- Al-Akbar Newspaper, Aug 2010.
2-Al-Ahly Newspaper,Jan 1997
3-Al-Mohandeseen Bulletin, 490 Dec 1997.
4-Geological/Geophysical report.
By EGSMA. Jan,1997

I- Facts and information...
Jan 9th, 1997, president Mubarak Announced the ingration of Toshka Project, (According to the minister of Irrigation, El-Akbar N.B. Dated 5/8/2010).
Also stated that 95% of the project was successfully achieved &completed.
What was achieved & completed, this is the question???
Since the 1997 presidential decree for the erection of the toshka project, i was kept to investigate the geological side, and results of all geological data & work done in the area, to justify the potential of this project in the subject area. For this I am listing here below some information stated by authorized persons, experts and organizations working in this field.
On Jan 8th 1997, El Ahly Newspaper stated according to Dr. Rushdi Saiid, the following comments about the project.
Dr. Saiid said that toshka project is a great waste for money & effort.
Also a waste of the national water resources.
In fact, he stated that if somebody hate this country, he would not dare to conduct such a project.
The Experts of the ministry of Irrigation know this fact, but they can not talk... etc...
Also he challenges the system to present any technical data to prove the feasibility and the value of this project.
On Dec 1997, El Mohandeseen Bulletin #490, according to Eng. Ahmed Maher, advisor to the minister of Irrigation stated:
" There are no Feasibility studies for this project, and we as engineers can errect the detailed work without this type of studies.
The Economic outcome of this project is not our target, as the national security side is our primary aim of this project.
- Question to the expert about the future and benefit of the project.
His answer was very strange, where he stated that for this project we are not looking for any benefits because the project's philosophy is the National Security and Protection.
What can be the benefit of a project errected mainly for protection and security od the country???
In fact it is hard to comment on his statements because nobody can imagine that a 30 billion EG project (as he stated) is prepared for the errection without a feasibility studied or outcome benefits."
The third Information and data sources was a Geological & Geophysical report conducted by the Egyptian Geological survey and mining authorities dated Jan 1997 (EGSMA)...
The report included the following...
1- General Geology of the area...
2- Geological features and structures of the project including faulting...
3- Drilling of deep wells (80 mt) by high Dam. raud interpretation....
4- Geophysical studies (magnetic,siesmic, VES,...)
5- Hazard parts of the project area...
6- Conclusion and recommendations...

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